What we do

We let you trade 50,000 products

A true multi-asset, multi-product offering

CFD’s, Spread-Bets, Spot FX, Equities

The Swan System was built from the ground up as a multi-asset trading platform. Unlike many other platforms that evolved out of FX trading platforms, we don’t have any bias to one product. This means we support everything from dividends, stock splits and rights issues to tom-next rollover and Index CFD financing.

Centralised Risk and Reporting

The only way a brokerage can offer thousands of different products is if they have highly automated and efficient risk & reporting systems. Simple problems like aggregating CFD’s and SPOT FX are fundamental if you want to offer all these markets on a large scale.

Liquidity & Order Management

Where you get your liquidity from and when you use it is key to your profitability. With our advanced liquidity management tools, and integrations with industry leading liquidity providers across all asset classes, you will be perfectly placed to expand your product offering.

System Diagram

We deliver your platform with your branding

Stand out from the crowd with a trading platform that is unique to your brokerage

Fully customisable HTML5 web trader

Built using the latest real time low latency web technology there is no part of the layout or design that can’t be customised.

Choose your charting provider

We have already integrated with all the industry leading chart providers, just choose the one that best meets your customer's needs


Choose your apps & widgets

Choose from hundreds of apps and widgets that will keep clients coming back to your platform

Open API

Whether you want to support algo traders or integrate your own trading widgets we have a fully featured public API

We host it, we support it.

Let us take care of all the operational concerns of launching new platforms and products, leaving you to focus on looking after your customers


We host all our software in tier 1 data centres around the globe. This gives us and our clients peace of mind when it comes to uptime, latency and scalability. Our investment in hosting infrastructure allows us to offer the best service level agreements in the industry.

Hosting Diagram


Our operational support team work side by side with the development team in our London headquarters. We don’t use any offshore call centres. Our dedicated account and project managers are industry experts and will be able to guide you through every step of the process to becoming a truly multi-asset broker.

Why we do it

What are the benefits of having thousands of markets and multiple trading front ends?

Lower Client Acquisitions Costs and Generate More Revenue

Having a wide range of markets and platforms lets you broaden your appeal to everyone from FX day traders to long term private equity investors. Take advantage of lower SEO costs for non FX products to lower your cost per acquisition and attract a new client base. Your existing clients, and new clients will benefit from more trading opportunity and your brokerage will benefit from broader and more reliable revenue streams.

Keep Your Clients and Increase the Value of Your Business

Don’t restrict yourself by being a white label or an IB. Owning your own trading platform allows you to retain the relationship and ownership of your clients increasing the value of your brokerage. You can move LPs without impacting on your clients, or even have multiple LPs, each suited to different markets. By offering multiple asset classes your clients will not have to open an account elsewhere if volatility or opportunity switches to an asset class you don’t presently offer.

Centralise Risk, Reporting and Client Information

The Swan middle office acts as a centralised “hub”. All trade information, no matter which platform the trade or the hedge was executed on is aggregated within Swan. Managing risk becomes more cost effective and simpler when everything is in one place, whether you run “b” books or “a” books. Reports can be configured to your needs, be it for marketing, risk or compliance requirements.

Complement and Expand Your Existing Brokerage with New Platforms and Products

If you currently have MT4 – you are one of over 2000 brokers offering the same platform, with the same products, you need to differentiate – to stand out from the crowd. Add Swan to your MT4 set up, adding a fully functioning middle office and reporting suite, and additional trading platforms and products. With Swan, new products can be assessed on the commercial opportunity, not on whether they fit into aging legacy technology. Future proof your business.

Who is it for?

  • MT4 Brokers
  • Plug and Play MT4 back office for single or multi-server MT4 brokers
  • MT4 Integration
  • Dashboards
  • Real Time Credit and Market Risk Reporting
  • Backoffice API
  • Revenue Reporting and Accounting
  • Regulatory Framework
  • Full Web Trader Platform Available
  • Market Makers
  • Hybrid model risk & analytics platform for brokers who have risk desks
  • Hybrid STP Support
  • Full Web Trader Platform
  • Full API for connecting your own platform
  • 24/7 Support
  • Price & Trade Tolerance Controls
  • Risk Dashboard
  • Fully Hosted
  • Matched Principals
  • Full STP trading platform for brokers who don't have risk desks
  • Full STP Support
  • Automated LP Reconciliation
  • Full Web Trader Platform
  • Full API for connecting your own platform
  • 24/7 Support
  • Plug in any LP
  • Fully Hosted

*These are our typical installations but we are always open to new ideas and Hybrid Versions of the platform. Speak to us about which parts of the system you need to meet your trading platform needs

Our Team

Meet the team that run Star Financial Systems

Ben Swann

Looks after the daily operational running of the company.

Dan Moczulski

Looks after the strategy and growth of the company.

Ashley Aberneithy
Development Director

Looks after the direction of the technology team.

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